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Smart Fitness

Smart Fitness is the brainchild of our owner Angie, who has gone through an up and down journey with weight, fitness and wellness throughout her life. Angie is now a qualified personal trainer who holds a diploma in Dietetics & Nutrition.
Angela — Personal Trainer in Emerald, QLD

About Angie

I had issues with my weight when I was younger, as I would often yo-yo between healthy and overweight in my teens and early 20s. Taking care of my special needs child and recovering from postnatal depression meant I endured a difficult few years in my late 20s. When I was 29, I realised that I was more than 20 kilos overweight and not in the best place mentally, emotionally or physically. I finally decided to make my health a priority, and that is when I discovered my passion for group fitness and group training.

I lost all the weight, gained muscle mass, and discovered the full capabilities of my body. Incredibly, I was mentally and emotionally well enough to ditch the anti-depressants I had been taking for years.

It is not an exaggeration to say that exercise saved my life! A few years later, I enrolled at QLD TAFE and took the relevant classes to become a qualified group fitness instructor. I am also a qualified personal trainer and possess a diploma in Dietetics & Nutrition.

Fitness and wellness are my life’s passion. I want to help others discover the beauty of living a healthy and active lifestyle. Too many of us think that being overweight, tired and moody is the only way to go through life. I want to show the lovely people of Emerald that something better is possible.

If you are struggling through personal or professional issues, have endured problems with eating throughout your life, or wish to live a healthier lifestyle, you have come to the right place. I am committed to teaching you about different exercises. At the same time, I can also help you come up with a meal plan that is suited to your taste buds!
Dumbell rack — Personal Trainer in Emerald, QLD