Personal & group training in Emerald



Fitness & Training Services

Smart Fitness is a wellness centre that offers fitness and training services to individuals in Emerald and nearby areas. We are committed to maintaining a judgment-free and comfortable environment where people are free to ask questions, make mistakes and learn as they progress in their wellness journey.

We offer:

  • An air conditioned, state-of-the-art fitness studio in Emerald
  • A kid’s room with free Wi-Fi for parents
  • Several group fitness classes that are suitable for all ages & skill levels
  • No membership fees—only pay as you go classes
  • Friendly instructors & staff members

Check out the range of group fitness and personal training services we offer in Emerald.
Lifting weights — Personal Trainer in Emerald, QLD

Group Fitness Classes

Smart Fitness has a packed calendar of group fitness classes for residents in Emerald throughout the week. Our classes include:

  • Body FX
  • LesMills Bodypump
  • LesMills Bodyattack
  • Pilates with Rosie
  • Kid Fit (9-14)
  • Shockwave
  • Circuit S&C
  • Boxing HIIT
  • LesMills Bodycombat
  • Mind/Body Stretch

Our weekly calendar is regularly updated below.
Group fitness classes — Personal Trainer in Emerald, QLD

Personal Training

Personal training has become a lot more popular in the last few years, as people prefer to have an instructor coach them one-on-one. You can sit down with our fitness expert and nutritionist Angie, who can discuss your fitness, weight loss and wellness goals. Angie helps individuals come up with an exercise and healthy eating program that is suited to their situation and is sustainable in the long-term.
Personal training, leg session — Personal Trainer in Emerald, QLD
Group training — Personal Trainer in Emerald, QLD

Group Training

Not everyone needs a perfectly tailored fitness and dieting plan to help them improve their fitness and wellness. Perhaps you have a solid grasp on the best foods to eat, while you also have significant knowledge of fitness. If your only issue is a lack of physical activity, enroll in our group training sessions. We have group training for various skill levels, ensuring you are both comfortable and challenged at the same time.

Weight Loss Programs

Angie is committed to helping individuals with their weight loss goals. She is a licensed nutritionist who can help you come up with a fun, creative and sustainable eating plan. She can also recommend the best fitness classes to help you lose weight. Remember, this is not a diet. It is a lifestyle adjustment!
Weight loss program — Personal Trainer in Emerald, QLD
Meal plan — Personal Trainer in Emerald, QLD

Nutrition Plans

Learn about the true culprits on nutrition labels that can cause you to gain weight, feel bloated and experience tiredness! Angie is a nutrition expert who can help you break down the healthiest and unhealthiest foods in your current meal plan, while helping you create a new one!
Fitness equipment — Personal Trainer in Emerald, QLD



Am I too unfit to come?
No, it doesn’t matter who are or what level of fitness you’re at, everyone is welcome.
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