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Personal trainer in Emerald

Fit girl exercising in the gym — Personal Trainer in Emerald, QLD

Begin Your Fitness Journey


Smart Fitness is a friendly and non-judgmental space where individuals can begin and perfect their fitness and wellness journey. We are conveniently located in the heart of Emerald. At the same time, we offer individual and group classes for all ages and skill levels.

There are no membership fees, as our classes are “pay as you go,” while there is also a kid’s room with free Wi-Fi for parents. Smart Fitness strives to create a welcoming environment where you feel comfortable exercising and talking about your wellness goals.

Our fitness classes include boxing, high intensity interval training, Pilates and stretching. We also provide one-on-one personal training to those who are seeking a complete overhaul of their diet and fitness regimen. If you are committing to weight loss or improved health, stop by Smart Fitness in Emerald. Our friendly and informative instructors will be happy to help you get started with our group or individual classes.
Group fitness class — Personal Trainer in Emerald, QLD
Our group fitness classes are designed to be a fun and excellent workout. We want people of all ages and skill levels to feel comfortable, while ensuring everyone is pushing themselves to improve their fitness. Learn more about the different classes we offer throughout the week.
Personal training — Personal Trainer in Emerald, QLD
One-on-one training with a fitness professional at Smart Fitness is the best way to kick-start your weight loss, fitness or wellness journey. We can help you set up a personalised workout and eating plan, while helping you pick the group fitness classes that are best suited to your fitness goals.
Group training — Personal Trainer in Emerald, QLD
Do you spend all day cooped up in your office? Are you finding it tough to get enough exercise in-between household chores and taking care of the kids? We have the perfect remedy! Our group training classes will get your blood pumping! Learn more about the classes we offer at our Emerald facility.